Wheel Games

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Splatting Shells - our first game (It's got zombies!)

Thanks to all who is reading this! Splatting Shells is a platform zombie shooter. It is a 2-d birds eye view COD:Zombies style arcade game. The best weapon of all time is included! The... GATLING GUN! This game is currently for FREE!!!

The game is more updated then the download link, uploading it soon! The updated version has a new GUI, a new enemy, bug fixes and patches, and soon we will have more maps!

Red Dead Redemption for PC remake!

Right now this game is currently being made. Thank you for looking here, and I will post it as soon as possible. Version 0.1 will include a free-roam mode for you to walk around MacFarlane Ranch area. The rest will be upcoming, and I need sound effects A.S.A.P for it.