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The (hopefully) exiting future of Splatting Shells

Posted by WillWow on May 9, 2014 at 2:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Splatting Shells was one of my first games, as more of a test rather than an actual great game. But at school today I realised if I keep updating it and all, I could make it a much better game. So... here is what will come in the hopefully near future!

Apocalypse Survival Mode OVERHAUL updates list:

Introducing... the INTERACTIVE  DISPLAY/MENU! This is a little HUD element which will be in the top-right (or whatever it is set to in options) of the screen. It will display a picture of what the ground underneath you looks like, and when you are in range of something to pick up, it will appear on the interactive display, a.k.a. ID/IM, and you can press 'E' or whatever it will be, so here are a couple of examples:
Putting the gatling on the superjeep will show the superjeep's bonnet and entrance (depending on which way you are looking at it), so you can tell that you can put the gatling on the jeep.
Picking up weapons,
Opening cupboards and stuff will use the ID, to grab stuff and drop it in your bag.
Taking bullets out of clips (discussed later),

You will be able to make stuff out of other things, take bullets out of clips (to refill other clips), unload guns, check inside 'containers', for example, inside cupboards and stuff.

Multiplayer! The multiplayer mode will rely heavily on teamwork, or else you won't be able to use many things, such as factory machines, kitchen appliences, charging phones and laptops (for contact between players), mainly because you will need people to try to keep the power stations running. But they will need food, so people need to scavenge or farm, but there will need to be water pumps running for this to happen, which needs more people... so all in all, teamwork will be a must, if you want to survive. Even if you bugged the game and no more zombies spawn, you need those people.

Many more features, including alarms in houses, more vehicles, nuclear power plants (don't let them meltdown...) and more.

So if you have any ideas, tell me. It will help!

[Project] Nightmare

Posted by WillWow on December 24, 2013 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello everyone, and I am happy to announce my latest game, Nightmare (Dev Name) / [Project] Nightmare. All it is is a first person shooter which consists of single-player and multi-player. Multi-player will be the only avaliable feature at first, but later there will be Single-player. This is because the story and physics and all the design will take forever, and I want to have a playable version out sooner than that. This game is made ALL IN GAMEMAKER 8.0 PRO, by YoYo games. You should check them out. The main focus on the project is the enemies getting damage from bullets. It is an annoying bug that is stopping me from adding all these features I want to add, so the development is going very slow. I hope people will hear about this website and ask to help with my gamemaking, as I only have me and a friend to work on them right now.

WillWow, out!

Sorry guys, wheel-games was hacked!

Posted by WillWow on November 21, 2012 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (2)

Wheel-Games was broken into by an idiot called Jonah Henry, who is now going to pay for this in someway or another. He got in by using the forgot your password in my hotmail, youtube, google, and especially my Wheel-games account. He did it by how his cousin was my best friend and was the answer to my security question. Not anymore! But i'm really 9!$$30 off. He deleted all my YouTube videos and stuffed up this website and another one nerfnstrikearmy.webs.com which is also mine, but yeah. Thats all. Now I have proof about this, and he can get into actual police trouble now. I hope that he's not laughing anymore!! :) :) :) *cookie* (^^^) (ps thats why the Parkour section says' and stuff thing up yo ass') .

Cool sports?

Posted by WillWow on September 4, 2012 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello, all you wheel-ly cool gamers! (Wheel-ly as in really? Get it? :)) I think many of you have seen people who can jump and run over things and superheroes who can jump from building to building with ease. Now, you can do some of these things! Not that you can fly or anything, but you can get from one place to the other WITHOUT going around that concrete wall, and going up the steps instead. No, just run up the wall and climb over it! This is the idea of Parkour. What about the next thing? Running for no apparent reason and climbing over a building or standing on top of ToyWorld for just fun. That's called Free Running. I'm going to make a page on Parkour and Free Running, plus my own moves iv'e added in. Now, check out some stuff on parkour, grab you shoes, get outside and start training! (You will probably be dissapointed you can't jump over your arms planted on the wall in a wall spin, or get a tic-tac-toe(Three step tic-tac, as in running on the wall to get over an obstacle or up steps) down, so you will have to practise, practise, practise. I'm practasing all day now, unless I have to do mathletics or Piano Practise, as I'm going to the Eisteddfod(Sorry for the spelling) VERY soon. Bye for now! :) Check out the new topic Parkour and Free Running in the forums if it is up now for you. :)

Trying to make a new internet service for MOH Heroes on PSP!

Posted by WillWow on August 28, 2012 at 11:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, we all know how painful it is when the little whirly-gigs just spin around and then you get told "The servers could not be reached at this time. Do you wish to reconnect?" on multiplayer games. I know what its like. Well, now I'm trying to knickstart my own home-hosted EA Nation! What i'm doing is simple and I would like some people to test it. This is for the game Medal of Honor: Heroes on PSP. Heres how to help me test it! Go to control panel on your PC. Click on network and internet. Then on the side click Manage Wireless Networks. Click Adapter properties. then, click on the Sharing tab. tick Allow other network users to connet through this computer's Internet connection. Then tick the other thing and click Settings... it will say Please Wait... and then come up with a box of Advanced Settings. Tick these things: FTP Server Secure Web Server(HTTPS) Web Server (HTTP). Then, click Add... and type in Description of service: Gamespy for PSP AD-HOC online games. Then type your computer's name or 'localhost' inside the box underneath the other box. Then, click UDP in the radio button(Like a tick box). Also, For the External Port type 22000. For the Internal Port type 23000. Then, click OK. Make sure it is ticked. Then, go to your PSP and try to connect to the network. It should work and connect. Well, I think so. If not working, get your PSP to MoH:H AD-HOC mode and try to connect via just that. BUT PROBS ARE IT WON'T WORK. :) If it connected, good! And try the AD-HOC mode on the PSP and see if any games of other people come on. Post on somewhere or on here about when you are on or going on. HOPEFULLY the fill-in EA NATION will get MoH:H online BACK! :) Stay posted for updates! :)